Kenilworth castle coursework

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Kenilworth Castle Essay

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Kenilworth Castle

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(We have found OCR CA generally quite tough to get the best Student Guidance for GCSE History Controlled Assessment - CCEA Student Support Sheet 5 Using Sources.

Coursework Coursework Kenilworth Castle. Kenilworth Castle with Dan Snowkenilworth castle courseworkCastles The Magnificence Of the Medieval Era - History Documentary Films. Warwick castle Coursework The chapel and the hall were now made out of stone.

History Coursework Gcse Sources

The wooden stockade was replaced by a 'shell keep', this was a circular tower Kenilworth Castle In the middle ages castles were built by kings also barons and other important people.

Also nobleman used castles to serve as their homes and to help defend their land against enemies built them. Warwick castle Coursework The drawbridge and the moat were the only thing that stayed exactly the same. The entrance was. Kenilworth castle was very useful in displaying the changes from a fortress to a palace the remains gave a clear view of the alterations which made into a palace.

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The trip organized to Kenilworth castle was very important it showed us some of the features which was added by John of Gaunt and Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire, is one of England's most impressive medieval castles.

Discover the history and visitor information of Kenilworth.

Kenilworth Castle Kenilworth castle coursework
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